here I stand, unashamed

We are the protectors, the guardians of light. Let your light shine in the darkest night. Never hold back, never give up the fight. Then the darkness will not overcome where the light shines.

Aliyah O’Brien’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

"And finally my tv girlfriend"…AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

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Anonymous asked:
Crap, I need to finish watching S4 of Lost Girl! My depression was bad at the time, so I didn't watch last few cause obvious reasons. And oh god, can Google translate be the next meme? Think of Tatianna, Anna Silk, Rachel Skarston... or would that cross the line? - Omega II

Awww, well get better friend. Do something you love :D take care of yourself. Holy shit a google translate meme of rachel would be AMAZING.

Anonymous asked:
Tell them fuckers to do a better job cleaning the fridge. Throwing one thing out isn't cutting it. Otherwise you'll kick them in their ethereal crotch.

You’re right, I should be more stern. They should at least target the crap I don’t need anymore! 

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Those demons are vagitarian exhibitionists. LOL


Shit better hide the avocados, they’re gonna want to juggle ‘em

So last night my freezer door burst open and some tuperware with frozen shepard’s pie flew out along with some other things. My first thought was WOW DEMONS WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST SHEPARD’S PIE? Then I went to bed and my whole curtain rack shook violently so I guess they despise tapestry as well. The things you learn. 

❝Give me a D! Give me an I! Give me a suck my balls.❞
-Tamsin ladies and gents


Xena: Warrior Princess + Text Posts (8/?)


pretty sure i’ve had this exact same conversation with girls’ parents before

3x17 - Forget Me Not



season 1  season 6

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