here I stand, unashamed

We are the protectors, the guardians of light. Let your light shine in the darkest night. Never hold back, never give up the fight. Then the darkness will not overcome where the light shines.
At least we can rejoice on the fact that there will be a lot of our favorite Valkyrie next episode

Hopefully Lauren will be happy, and I want Dyson to be happy like he was in this episode, all the time. Am I the only Doccubus shipper who would have been sad if he actually had died?

  1. adelinawp answered: yes!
  2. woobiesftw answered: wondersnatch I love your blog so much, this post made my day :)
  3. strawberriesngunpowder answered: I like dyson, don’t want him dead.
  4. skyfyreit answered: yep
  5. wilde-productions answered: you’re not. I like Dyson a lot too, but I want Bo and Lauren to be end game.
  6. infinitespacejunky answered: Probably
  7. the-next-valkyrie answered: I hate him but I still would have been very sad.
  8. ohthesefeelingz answered: No, I didn’t want Dyson to die and I would’ve done the same Bo did. Also, how do you know there’ll be a lot of Tamsin next episode?
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